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"New T" Canon
The Judaizer
Yahuwah is god alone!
  Heed Yahuwah!Torah makes us perfect! Deut18:13

Joel3:4 The sun shall turn into darkness,and the moon into blood. 5But everyone who invokes the name of Yahuwah shall escape;.....anyone who invokes Yahuwah will be among the survivors! JPS+The Judaizer clean up.

There is only one name that men are saved by; and it isn't Jesus. Or even Yahuwshuw for that matter.

Jer12:16And it shall be, if they will learn carefully the ways of My people, to swear by My name, ‘As Yahuwah lives,’ as they taught My people to swear by The Lord, then they shall be established in the midst of My people. 17But if they do not obey, I will utterly pluck up and destroy that nation,” says Yahuwah.

NKJV+ The Judaizer Cleanup



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